Filming-days with KiwiTreefilms

Zipline-movie is coming soon

Hi there,
we are exhausted from the filming days with Kiwitreefilms. The camera team made out of Nils, Daniel, Alexander, Samuel and Lukas produced an advertising spot for our Zipline.
To give them some inspiration we invited the whole team to test the flying fox two days before start filming.
If you like what you do, the result seems to become better because the work becomes a hobby.The day after the guys present us the storyboard. His writer Nils, thought it will be a good idea to base it on a general known story: a young father can’t get enough from the crazy youth time and he is bored from this ordinary life. He can’t even have fun on the playground. But suddenly, the fire inside him starts burning with the Zipline.
We began early in the morning. Equipped with cameras, drones and a lot of other technological devices, we get ready for the shooting. The models took as well the right place in the starting positions. We filmed the action part of video. The next day, Nils, Samuel and Daniel recorded the scenes of the bored father. At least they cut and put together the video material. Our cinema-advertising spot was born!
Ok, I already revealed to much! If you want to see it, just go and watch your favourite movie in the cinemas of Brunico or Bolzano. If you are too exited and you can’t wait, you can find down bellow some pictures of the backstage.

I would like to thank all who helped us producing it. You are great!

Let us know what you are thinking about, write it in the comments or give us the thumbs up.

Cheers guys

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