I’m flying like a bird!

My adventure on Europe’s biggest ZipLine

Hi guys,
I accept the office job at Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP Ltd some weeks ago, without trying the Zipline before.
I woke up this morning and I come ordinary to my office, but my boss was waiting with a helmet in his hand. “You have to try the Zipline” he says. I will tell you now shortly, still with a little bit Goosebumps the highlights of this day with fresh eyes.
After putting me the harness on, the crazy guides drove up the hill with the legendary Land Rover Defender. There was no way back anymore. A narrow, shaky street brought us to the departures gates for the flight. I felt like Indiana Jones in one of his adventures. Everything matched together and I was ready to take off.
11 Lines, 3200 meters’ track in 90 minutes was a big challenge for me. The guides told us first the safety rules. And than lets ‘go! The first line was short and not really fast, this one gave me the first feeling how ziplining is.
In the first part I enjoyed a fantastic view over the beautiful mountains and woods. I think that’s how a bird must feel. The fear changes the fun, as well in 100 meters’ height.
It was gorgeous.
The lines of the second part were a little bit shorter but ways faster. I reached the high-speed of 80 km/h.
The tour ends on an artificial tower near the town. After two minutes walk we reached again at the Zipline-office and they liberate me form the harness.

Yes, I would do it again! Right now!
I will try to talk with Samuel and Carlo and see if they could give me the chance to become a Zipline instructor. See what they think about….

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See you soon, cheers

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