Zip Line Photoshooting

If you can’t speak, let the pictures for you

Hi there,
the 27th of May 2016 a lot of camera flesh’s hit our Zipline.
The photograph Gabriele Zanon from Milan shoot already for the second time pictures from people on the steel cable. He got the opportunity to prepare himself the first time at the BMW flying fox in Milan. We started already in the morning, the weather was sweet and the professional equipment was in the right place, waiting for the first brave Zipliner. With 80 km/h and 100 meters of height, this guys produced a huge amount of adrenalin. We made some spectaculars snapshots of the fast run downhill. In my opinion, people love extreme situation pictures because they can’t think clearly and they don’t care how they look like. As well because they can show it to their friends and be proud of it. The reactions have been completely different, some shouted, some laughed, some were paralyzed and other ones were ordinary cool. Some of the face seemed on a kind of trip.
The pictures made from the Canon-photograph, captured these emotions. We will give you the opportunity to see this pictures on our Website.

It was an existing week, our Zipline was reopened from the winter season.
We have now as well new motivated instructors, who will transform your adventure, in a super cool and unforgettable experience.

Hope we will see you on the biggest Zipline in Europe.

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See you soon, cheers

Zip Line foto shooting

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