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The biggest Zip Line in Europe

An explosion of adrenaline on the biggest Zipline in Europe! Yes, the name Adrenaline could not be more appropriate.

Zipline is the name of this extreme adventure which frames the excitement of a thrilling flight within a breathtaking backdrop, immersed in the green heart of the Dolomites, fastened to a cable 100 metres high, sliding speedily towards the valley, with the wind in your hair and your heartbeat going off the scale! The most panoramic journey in Europe, nestled within the Dolomites in one of the most sought-after locations in the world for landscapes and nature parks. San Vigilio di Marebbe, an oasis of unspoilt nature: immersed within it you will experience a unique and unforgettable sense of excitement as you face up to a drop of a good 400 metres over 3 kilometres, the steepest in the world!

Fly on Europe's biggest Zipline!

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